Dark Places

by Palomino Witchcraft

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released March 25, 2017

Recorded/Mixed - First Matter Media.
Mastered - Reed Recording Company.
Art/Design - Sly Me Illustration.




Palomino Witchcraft Bay City, Michigan

The magic horse band from Michigan.

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Track Name: Spoon
I imagined you crying afraid and alone,
and there’s nothing I could do.
But, if I found a way to erase all the pain,
there is nothing that I wouldn’t do.

Cut out your tongue. Let everyone in.
They’ll have their fun. Just like they always did.

With worry and doubt
you have cast yourself out
to the darkness you’ve known too well.
While you tend to the spark
that you hold in your heart
it glows gentle and warm.

Baby don’t grow. I pity the poor thing.
Spoon barely fit. Could hardly keep it down.
Track Name: Blue Eater
Don't need a reason to live,
Don't need a reason to live,
I'm just a man on a ledge,
Don't need a reason, don't need a reason.

I've always trusted and respected,
I held you higher than anyone,
But you came back down to me,
And said to wait here, to wait for me.

So I waited and waited,
Then I wandered off after you
But I never really found you, just the past you've been digging through.

I never thought I would be here, never thought I'd be beside you,
But the more I disappear, the more I see you, dear.
Track Name: Primals
Religion from dead lips, it calls me, it whispers.
Form Circles, take this broken hilt, repair me, complete me,
Swing fiercely, sway heavenly, for Michael, for Gabriel,
This murder, this miracle, it saved me, you saved me.

I’ve been swimming in the aether.
I’ve been sleeping in your heart.
I watched the sky grow darker.
I watched you fall from the sky.
Track Name: Twenty Three Tiny Wishes
You are that old dream, that I have forgotten,
On the tip of my tongue, in the back of my mind,
But the savage part of me wanted to, to hurt you,
I am just now admitting that, and the demons that I have.

Welcome to the dark corners of my mind, my world,
Where all of my thoughts are overgrown, and overbearing,
And altogether tied to you, and I can’t untie you,
I wish I had the confidence to reach out to you.

I’m running to, I’m racing to, to catch you, as you fall through,
And take everything, as it comforts me, as temporal relates to you,
And pulls me from a deep sleep, as heaven’s light relates to you,
As I struggle to, just to tell you, that I’d like to spend time with you.
Track Name: Every Seven Years
I wanted something soft, I wanted something sweet.
You’re the one that I love, you’re the one that I need.

You’re a curious thing, you’re a pleasure to me.
You’re a god damn dream, and you know.

When you’re by yourself, when you’re all alone,
Do you think of me? Am I the only one?

You’re a curious thing, you’re a pleasure to me.
You’re a god damn dream, and you know.
Track Name: Vallejo
Wake, you’re dead.
Are you satisfied? Do you want another try?
Quiet, you’re dead. Are you scared? Were you misunderstood?

Hey, this is just a game. But you’re playing with things you can’t contain.
Wait, is this to entertain? Did you buy the world, just to sell your name?
Track Name: Alphonse
This is my plan… but I’ve been missing,
Completely absent and… I’m sorry for that,
But can you feel it stirring, as the world cycles back?

Go, I found a way.

This is the end… you’re gasping and flailing,
But everything begins again,
I’ve been alone in the dark, searching for eternity,
I found it.

Go, I found a way.
Track Name: The Wraith Song
Take your words now, and eat them,
They don’t mean shit now, they can’t keep you from harm now,
Safe now, sound now, you’re just as vulnerable as me now,
You hide them, your secrets, but I know your weakness.

Brooding, breathing, you can’t stop me,
I’ll just keep coming back, and you’ll just have to accept that,
Planning, plotting, the ways into your body,
Web now, teeth now, just a slight sting now.

Love love love, I want love,
I want to die, in your arms,
On our terms, no bitterness,
Just happiness, paradise.

Softly, sweetly, I watch you breathing,
Lips now, cheeks now, the color starts to drain out,
I can’t help myself, it’s too late to turn back now,
Cold now, stiff now, the world goes dark now.

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