Orange Couch Sessions

by Palomino Witchcraft

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Recorded LIVE at The Bay City Times for the Orange Couch Sessions on March 21, 2017.

Thank you to our host(s) Cole Waterman, and Jacob Hamilton.


released March 23, 2017

Mathew Walker is Guitars/Vocals.
Catlin Hendon is Guitars/Vocals.
Josh Hartley is Bass.
Matt Brown is Drums.

Written/Produced by Palomino Witchcraft.
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Matt Brown at First Matter Media.




Palomino Witchcraft Bay City, Michigan

The magic horse band from Michigan.

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Track Name: Vallejo (Live)
Wake, you’re dead.
Are you satisfied? Do you want another try?
Quiet, you’re dead. Are you scared? Were you misunderstood?

Hey, this is just a game. But you’re playing with things you can’t contain.
Wait, is this to entertain? Did you buy the world, just to sell your name?
Track Name: Blue Eater (Live)
Don't need a reason to live,
Don't need a reason to live,
I'm just a man on a ledge,
Don't need a reason, don't need a reason.

I've always trusted and respected,
I held you higher than anyone,
But you came back down to me,
And said to wait here, to wait for me.

So I waited and waited,
Then I wandered off after you
But I never really found you, just the past you've been digging through.

I never thought I would be here, never thought I'd be beside you,
But the more I disappear, the more I see you, dear.