The Wraith Song

from by Palomino Witchcraft



Take your words now, and eat them,
They don’t mean shit now, they can’t keep you from harm now,
Safe now, sound now, you’re just as vulnerable as me now,
You hide them, your secrets, but I know your weakness.

Brooding, breathing, you can’t stop me,
I’ll just keep coming back, and you’ll just have to accept that,
Planning, plotting, the ways into your body,
Web now, teeth now, just a slight sting now.

Love love love, I want love,
I want to die, in your arms,
On our terms, no bitterness,
Just happiness, paradise.

Softly, sweetly, I watch you breathing,
Lips now, cheeks now, the color starts to drain out,
I can’t help myself, it’s too late to turn back now,
Cold now, stiff now, the world goes dark now.


from Dark Places, released March 25, 2017




Palomino Witchcraft Bay City, Michigan

The magic horse band from Michigan.

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