Twenty Three Tiny Wishes

from by Palomino Witchcraft



You are that old dream, that I have forgotten,
On the tip of my tongue, in the back of my mind,
But the savage part of me wanted to, to hurt you,
I am just now admitting that, and the demons that I have.

Welcome to the dark corners of my mind, my world,
Where all of my thoughts are overgrown, and overbearing,
And altogether tied to you, and I can’t untie you,
I wish I had the confidence to reach out to you.

I’m running to, I’m racing to, to catch you, as you fall through,
And take everything, as it comforts me, as temporal relates to you,
And pulls me from a deep sleep, as heaven’s light relates to you,
As I struggle to, just to tell you, that I’d like to spend time with you.


from Dark Places, released March 25, 2017




Palomino Witchcraft Bay City, Michigan

The magic horse band from Michigan.

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